Selecting a Procurement Service Provider
How Do I Find and Select a Procurement Services Provider?

Finding and selecting a Procurement Service Provider that fits into your existing culture is key to having a successful engagement and producing cost reduction in your organization's spend areas. There are a vast variety of Procurement Service Providers in the marketplace, each one claiming to be better than the next. The most important thing you should consider is finding and organization that fits into your business model and processes, not an organization that wants to change everything you do, or claims to have software that can eliminate the human component of your strategic sourcing initiatives.

Procurement Service Providers can supplement your procurement or purchasing team's existing resource and bring category expertise, market intelligence, technology, and people power to any strategic sourcing engagement. Learn about Procurement Service Providers.

How Do I Decide Which Procurement Service Provider Is Right For Me?

There are a large variety of Procurement Service Providers in the market, and new companies are moving into the market every day.

Many Procurement Service Providers only offer a "piece" of a solution, such as electronic tools or commerce, or they take over your process, produce some results, and never transfer the knowledge back to your team.

When selecting a Procurement Service Provider, it is recommended you follow these steps:

  • Select an Organization that has a variety of product offerings. (try to select an organization that offers a combination of tools, consulting, or implementation skills. This will provide your organization with the best possible result, as each piece individually does not provide the results that an entire solution can offer)

  • Select an Organization that has been established longer than 5 years. (this may help to eliminate the new consultants that have moved into the market recently and are simply looking to make a profit off of your organization, often at the expense of your vendor relationships)

  • Select a Procurement Service Provider that covers a variety of Procurement Product & Service Areas (instead of contracting multiple procurement service providers, find a single provider that has had experience or qualifications to handle all of your target procurement areas. It is not advisable to hire multiple consulting firms that each specialize in 1 or 2 target areas. It will be draining on your resources to manage the multiple contacts and projects, and most single product area service providers do not respect your relationship with your vendors)

  • Check References (Any established Procurement Service Provider should be able to provide you with references that are in some way related to your organization)

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