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  • July 13th, 2010, A new currency is possible, based on speculation that Germany and other northern European nations may create a new breakaway euro.  Procurement experts, ADR International says this means businesses must focus on how they buy goods and services. Robin Jackson, CEO of ADR International, says "exchange rate movements present risks and opportunities for procurement professionals."
    ...Read the ADR Press Release (PDF)

  • May 5th, 2010, "Value-driven sourcing" is the "secret weapon" to achieve competitive advantage, Efficio says in its latest Viewpoint report. The Strategic Secret Weapon, how procurement can benefit your organisation says many companies are refocusing on top-line growth as they emerge from recession and asking procurement to develop strategies to support the top line rather than limiting themselves to a pure cost-cutting focus.
    ...Read the Efficio Press Release, "Secret Weapon"

  • April 28th, 2010, Source One, the leading Procurement Services Provider in the United States, has joined Twitter. Using Twitter, Source One is able to keep its clients and prospects up to date with blog entries from The Strategic Sourceror , as well as strategic sourcing project success stories.
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  • April 24th, 2010, Results of detailed self-assessments using ADR International's Development Needs Analysis (ADR DNA™) tool show that essential skills including negotiating, soliciting bids and contracting are the highest-scoring on average, while risk management and supply market analysis rank lowest.
    ...Read the complete ADR DNA™ Press Release (PDF)

  • April 21st, 2010, Toyota recall crisis was a failure in risk management, says procurement experts, ADR International.
    ...Read the complete ADR International Press Release (PDF)

  • March 18th, 2010, A recent survey of over 2800 purchasing professionals around the world may indicate that the purchasing department is gaining recognition as a valuable asset as organizations demonstrate willingness to make investments into improving the skills of their purchasing staff.
    ...Read the complete Next Level Purchasing Press Release (PDF)

  • March 11th, 2010, Kathleen Daly, Sourcing Analyst at Source One Management Services, acts as a guest speaker for Charles Dominick's Next Level Purchasing.
    ...Download the Podcast: "Sourcing Problems In A Slow Economy"

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