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Welcome to the sponsor page of www.procurementserviceprovider.com. The sponsors of our site either donate content to the site, or help with the costs associated with running the site. If you would like to contribute content or become a sponsor, please contact us.

Source One, Procurement Service Provider Consultant Source One Management Services, LLC
Source One has been the leader in supplementing strategic sourcing resources and producing cost reduction in procurement since 1992. Source One focuses on spend management and cost reduction (their costs for direct and indirect products and services) and helps reduce the overall coast of acquisition through the application of proven strategic sourcing and purchasing strategies, procurement best practices, people and technologies...
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Pre Negotiated Contracts Master Negotiator
MasterNegotiator.com is a supplier cooperative web portal. It is designed for small businesses and organizations that want to handle their strategic sourcing needs without outside help. The site was launched in late 2008 and provides pre-negotiated contracts, discounts and pricing agreements with leading national suppliers to help reduce the cost of any organization's commonly purchased goods and services...
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Free RFX and Reverse Auction Tool WhyAbe.com
WhyAbe.com is the first completely free procurement tool website. WhyAbe.com is dedicated to providing sourcing professionals the tools needed to get their jobs done quickly and cost effectively. WhyAbe.com provides free tools to both buyers and suppliers, including: RFX and Reverse Auction Events, Contract Management and Stores...
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PPT Consulting PPT Consulting
PPT stands, simply, for People, Process and Technology. We believe that these three elements are present in every business initiative and we enable our clients' success by addressing each through our holistic methodology. PPT is an IT and Management Consulting firm, specializing in the enablement of IT and Supply Chain initiatives from planning to execution. PPT delivers results by increasing customer service while reducing costs and improving processes...
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Strategic Sourceror Blog The Strategic Sourceror Blog
The Strategic Sourceror is one of the most recognized blogs in the procurement, spend management and strategic sourcing space. Brought to you by leading practitioners, the Strategic Sourceror focuses on providing unique perspectives, industry insights, procurement best practices, spend management and cost reduction tips, without focusing specifically on procurement software as many other blogs tend to do...
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Find Recovery Auditors Find Recovery Auditors
This website exists to help companies understand more about the entire recovery market through articles, web links, and training events. As there are so many vendors to choose from, they provide a free service that matches a recovery provider to the client company's precise needs. Supplement your cost reduction initiatives with a recovery auditor to maximize the profit potential for your organization...
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Storeroom Solutions Storeroom Solutions
Storeroom Solutions is in the business of managing commercial and industrial storerooms. By bringing storeroom management practices, strategic sourcing, and sophisticated technologies to our clients, we increase their efficiency in operating a non-core area of their business and lower their cost basis. Moreover, our indirect materials management services reflect best-in-class procurement practices and standards over a wide breadth of domestic and international suppliers...
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GFO CFO Group delivers high quality controller and CFO personnel to small and midsize businesses of all types. Our CFOs each have a minimum of 20 years experience and are experts in helping our clients achieve their goals. GFO is a leading provider of hands on short term and contracted financial management services. Our team of battle tested partners have significant experience in guiding businesses like yours to a better bottom line through boom and bust cycles. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals...
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